World Plate Tectonics Map - Thematic map of the world's plates and tectonic features

World Plate Tectonics

A thematic map of the world's plates and tectonic features.

The southern most extent of the Eurasian plate.

The southern most extent of the Eurasian plate.

Central America and parts of the Caribbean.

Central America and parts of the Caribbean shown in greater detail.

World Plate Tectonics

This map highlights the plates of the Earth's crust and identifies the locations of the four major types of plate boundary. Features pertaining to tectonic activity, including earthquake zones, volcanic regions, hotspots and rift valleys, are also shown.

A selection of recent major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are highlighted for quick reference. The map's main focus is to highlight the fact that the majority of major earthquakes and volcanoes occur at or near plate boundaries.

This map uses an unconventional colour scheme to create clear distinctions between the different tectonic plates.

Data from the following sources were used in the compilation of this map: ETOPO2: National Geophysical Data Center; Blue Marble: Next Generation: NASA's Earth Observatory.

Thematic map of the world's plates and tectonic features.

A second map, showing the world's plate tectonics, using an alternative central meridian and colour scheme.

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