Roman Empire

This map shows the Roman Empire at its greatest extent, during the rule of Hadrian at around A.D. 117. The many provinces are shown as are the provincial capitals and other major settlements of the era.

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A map of the Roman Empire under Hadrian at around A.D. 117

Maps for Children

Merritt Cartographic frequently produces maps for the younger reader. Often employing bright and colourful designs, these maps are tailored to suit the needs of children as they learn about the world around them. Some of the maps in this section cover topics frequently encountered by children during their educational studies. These maps have been designed for a wide range of books and websites.

Understanding the World contains maps by Merritt Cartographic

The Arctic and Antarctica & World Plate Tectonics

Two maps produced by Merritt Cartographic have been used by TASCHEN in their book on infographics, Understanding the World - The Atlas of Infographics. These maps, The Arctic and Antarctica and World Plate Tectonics, form a part of this collaborative atlas of information graphics.

Further information regarding 'Understanding the World - The Atlas of Infographics' can be found here.


Merritt Cartographic produces digital, graphically rich maps for the purposes of illustration, education and the display of thematic information.

Maps for Children

Merritt Cartographic creates maps for the younger reader. Employing bright and colourful designs, these maps are tailored to suit the needs of children as they learn about the world.

Interactive Maps

Merritt Cartographic designs interactive maps for deployment on websites and in applications. Using custom styles and dynamic features, we create maps that visualise your information.

Ancient Egypt Map

Featured Map - Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt - Sites and Settlements of the Dynastic Period, has been selected for inclusion in the latest edition of the North American Cartographic Information Society's (NACIS) Atlas of Design. This edition is, according to the publisher, "dedicated to showing off some of the world's most beautiful and intriguing cartographic design."

I am delighted, therefore, that this map, along with a short commentary describing the design process, has been considered worthy of inclusion amongst a collection of 32 maps from contributors located around the world. Many of these maps have been produced by cartographers whose previous work and knowledge has provided me with a great deal of inspiration to further develop my own abilities.

This map details the key settlements of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Also shown are many of the important Ancient Egyptian sites and temples that remain today. The various capitals are highlighted on the map in addition to the locations of the natural resources and minerals exploited by the Ancient Egyptians.

The Atlas of Design can be purchased here.

Ancient Egypt - Sites and Settlements of the Dynastic Period is available in poster form and can be purchased in our shop.


Merritt Cartographic can provide detailed and varied graphic products and illustrations to assist you in meeting the objectives for your publication.


Purchase posters of some of Merritt Cartographic's most popular maps from this store. These custom designed map posters are ideal for direct display or framing.


For more information regarding our services and how they apply to your project, or for more information in general, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr John Snow's Cholera map (1854)

Featured Map - Dr. John Snow's Cholera map (1854)

Dr. John Snow created a map of Soho, in central London, to illustrate how the cholera outbreak of 1854 was centred around the water pump in Broad Street. By plotting the locations of those who contracted cholera on a map, Dr. Snow was able to demonstrate the significance of the Broad Street water pump to the outbreak. The strength of his map and other statistical studies was enough to convince the council to disable the water pump in Broad Street. For many, Snow's work at this time is considered to be one of the most significant early examples of epidemiology.

The map here is a recreation of Dr. John Snow's original for use in a children's book covering the subject.

By using two contrasting colours, a strong red on a neutral background, it is possible to quickly see the distribution of cholera cases. It is also evident to see how strong Dr. Snow's argument would have been in terms of the connection between the Broad Street pump and the cholera outbreak.

Ed Merritt
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Hello, my name is Ed Merritt. I am a cartographer based in Southampton (UK). I established Merritt Cartographic in 2006.

I am a graduate of Oxford Brookes University, receiving an honours degree in Mapping and Cartography. Having worked in the past for a large publishing company in central London, much of my current work is commissioned for inclusion in reference books. I also produce interactive maps for deployment on websites and in applications as well as products for use on public display panels and signposts. As a freelance cartographer, I have produced custom maps and graphics for a wide range of publishers, charities and media organisations. My work has been included in products published by Dorling Kindersley, Millennium House, National Geographic, Pearson Longman, Royal Horticultural Society, Taschen and Weldon Owen.

I enjoy being creative in my work and like to explore new approaches. As a map-maker, I have a natural tendency to pay attention to detail and also to work hard to ensure that I am being as accurate as I can in the work that I produce.

For more information on how Merritt Cartographic can best assist you with your project, please send me a message or make contact via the information displayed above and throughout the site. I look forward to hearing from you.

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