Prehistoric Globes

Merritt Cartographic produces detailed graphics and illustrations to meet the requirements of your design brief. In this instance, a series of illustrations showing the Earth during the Carboniferous, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

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Prehistoric globe illustrations

Graphics and Illustrations

Merritt Cartographic produces graphics to illustrate a wide variety of topics. Often graphics are produced to depict Earth related processes but, particularly in relation to vector based illustration, the subjects covered are wide and varied. Ultimately, graphics are produced to fulfil the requirements of your unique design brief as successfully as possible. Utilising specialist 3D modelling and rendering applications, as well as illustration and photo manipulation software, Merritt Cartographic produces detailed graphics and illustrations for a full range of applications and purposes.

Grasshopper illustration

Featured Illustration - Meadow Grasshopper

A vector illustration of a female Meadow Grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus). Whilst not a scientific study, the aim of this artwork, created almost entirely in a vector illustration package, was to reflect this insect in its environment as accurately as possible.

A series of photographic source materials were used in the compilation of this artwork. This allowed the finer details to be examined and, it is hoped, reflected more precisely in the illustration than may otherwise have been possible.


Merritt Cartographic produces digital, graphically rich maps for the purposes of illustration, education and the display of thematic information.

Maps for Children

Merritt Cartographic creates maps for the younger reader. Employing bright and colourful designs, these maps are tailored to suit the needs of children as they learn about the world.

Interactive Maps

Merritt Cartographic designs interactive maps for deployment on websites and in applications. Using custom styles and dynamic features, we create maps that visualise your information.

Cafe visualisation

Featured Illustration - Cafe Visualisation

This illustration was created to help an organisation who were looking to convert a building, which had previously been used as a church hall, in to a small cafe.

This visualisation was used to help the people planning the work decide upon the layout of the cafe. It was also used to raise awareness of the scheme to redevelop this building amongst members of the local community and the public in general.


Merritt Cartographic can provide detailed and varied graphic products and illustrations to assist you in meeting the objectives for your publication.


Purchase posters of some of Merritt Cartographic's most popular maps from this store. These custom designed map posters are ideal for direct display or framing.


For more information regarding our services and how they apply to your project, or for more information in general, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

World Population Distribution

Featured Graphic - World Population Distribution

This display contains graphs and a thematic map. The main focus of this graphic was to highlight the variations in population density across the world. The series of 'spherical graphs' highlight the relative populations of each of the continents over time.

The main graphic on show here uses a three-dimensional approach to map the world's population by density. Utilising the third dimension in this way gives the viewer an immediate impression as to the distribution of the world's population.

Ed Merritt
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Hello, my name is Ed Merritt. I am a cartographer based in Southampton (UK). I established Merritt Cartographic in 2006.

I am a graduate of Oxford Brookes University, receiving an honours degree in Mapping and Cartography. Having worked in the past for a large publishing company in central London, much of my current work is commissioned for inclusion in reference books. I also produce interactive maps for deployment on websites and in applications as well as products for use on public display panels and signposts. As a freelance cartographer, I have produced custom maps and graphics for a wide range of publishers, charities and media organisations. My work has been included in products published by Dorling Kindersley, Millennium House, National Geographic, Pearson Longman, Royal Horticultural Society, Taschen and Weldon Owen.

I enjoy being creative in my work and like to explore new approaches. As a map-maker, I have a natural tendency to pay attention to detail and also to work hard to ensure that I am being as accurate as I can in the work that I produce.

For more information on how Merritt Cartographic can best assist you with your project, please send me a message or make contact via the information displayed above and throughout the site. I look forward to hearing from you.

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