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British Railways

An interactive map of Great Britain's
rail network

This map highlights the routes operated by each train operating company, the estimated usage of each station in Great Britain (from data published by the Office of Rail and Road), as well as providing a range of other statistics about the British rail network. For more information regarding station usage and services in the Greater London region, please view our London Railways interactive map here.

Merritt Cartographic creates custom-made interactive maps and content, like this, to meet the requirements of your design brief. If you need an interactive map for your project, please let me know.

Zoom in to reveal more detail and click on each station to display additional information.

The symbols used to represent stations on this map are shown at a size proportional to the total number of entries and exits for 2020-2021 (using a logarithmic scale).

Please note that many of the routes shown on this map, possibly the majority, carry trains operated by more than one train operating company. To avoid detracting from the main focus of the map, the estimated usage of each station, routes are coloured to reflect the train operating company which operates the most services along each section of the network. Many of the routes served by each individual train operating company are, therefore, not shown on this map.

This map has been built with OpenData from the Ordnance Survey and incorporates station usage estimate statistics published by the Office of Rail and Road, in addition to other information. Please help to make this map better by informing me of any errors that you notice. Thank-you for your help.

If you need an interactive map like this for your project, please let me know.

For more information, please visit these websites:

National Rail Enquiries

Office of Rail and Road

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