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  • Wildlife

  • Dragonflies Symbol

    Dragonflies and Damselflies (including Golden-ringed Dragonfly)

  • Dragonflies Symbol

    Dragonflies and Damselflies (including Keeled Skimmer)

  • Fallow Deer Symbol

    Fallow Deer

  • Red Deer Symbol

    Red Deer

  • Reptiles Symbol

    Reptiles (including Grass Snake)

  • Woodland Birds Symbol

    Woodland Birds (including Firecrest)

  • Woodland Birds Symbol

    Woodland Birds (including Hawfinch)

  • Woodland Birds Symbol

    Woodland Birds (including Lesser Spotted Woodpecker)

  • Trees

  • Cherry Birch Symbol

    Cherry Birch

  • Douglas Fir Symbol

    Coast Redwood

  • Douglas Fir Symbol

    Douglas Fir

  • Giant Sequoia Symbol

    Giant Sequoia

  • Japanese Cedar Symbol

    Japanese Cedar

  • Leyland Cypress Symbol

    Leyland Cypress

  • Oak Symbol

    Oak (large)

  • Oak Symbol

    Oak (small)

  • Western Red Cedar Symbol

    Western Red Cedar

  • Other symbols

  • Point of Interest Symbol

    Point of interest

  • Landmark Symbol


  • Bench Symbol


  • Bicycle Parking Symbol

    Bicycle parking

  • Crossing Hazard Symbol

    Busy road

  • Forest Cycle Marker Symbol

    New Forest cycle network route marker post

  • Forestry Car Park Symbol

    Forestry Commission car park

  • Picnic Symbol

    Picnic facilities

  • Public Toilets Symbol

    Public toilets

  • Information Board Symbol

    Visitor information sign board

  • Information Symbol

    Visitor information unit

  • Water Hazard Symbol


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Blackwater Arboretum Map - Blackwater, Rhinefield Ornamental Drive and Knightwood Oak in the New Forest.
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