Ancient Egypt Map - Illustrative overview map highlighting the main sites and settlements of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation

Ancient Egypt

Sites and Settlements of the Dynastic Period.

A section of Lower Egypt in more detail.

A section of Lower Egypt in more detail.

A part of Upper Egypt.

A part of Upper Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Map Poster

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Ancient Egypt: Sites and Settlements of the Dynastic Period

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Ancient Egypt: Sites and Settlements of the Dynastic Period

This map details the key settlements of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Also shown are many of the important Ancient Egyptian sites and temples that remain today. The various capitals of the period are highlighted on the map in addition to the locations of the natural resources and minerals exploited by the Ancient Egyptians.

The importance of the Nile, specifically the fertility that it brings to the land through which it passes, is also a key feature of this map. To add further interest to the map, a papyrus texture has been incorporated into the map's colouring scheme.

In addition to the main map, a number of smaller inset maps detail some of the key sites of Ancient Egypt. Plans of the temples at Karnak and Luxor are included along with maps of the pyramids at Giza and the necropolis at Abusir.

This map is available to purchase in poster form, ideal for direct display or framing. This poster is also available in an encapsulated format, making it suitable for classroom display or for use at home by children who are learning about Ancient Egypt.

Data from the following sources were used in the compilation of this map: Blue Marble: Next Generation: NASA's Earth Observatory; Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM): NASA/NGA; VMap0: National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).

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